Swanwood is a family-run video production house with heavy-weight experience, expertise and the four paws of wisdom, Monty.

We work with businesses both big and small…

Founded in 2012, Swanwood is a family-run video production house, David and Nita will be with you every step of the process. Our size allows us to be flexible and we have an established network to build a large team when needed.

When a broken ankle ruined David’s dreams of being the next David Gower, he was forced to give up his hopes of a professional cricket career and find a new dream. As the saying goes “those who can’t play, write.”

And so he did.


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David Camburn
Nita Camburn

Nita is one of those lucky people who has known what she wants to be all her life. So, after leaving school at 16, she set out to start a career in her life-long passion – film. And after years of trotting the globe, filming documentaries everywhere from South Africa to America, she realised her dream of creating fim for businesses.


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Our four paws of wisdom, Monty, loves swimming at the pool for puppies in Reading and walking along the River Thames in Henley.


Monty is a typical lab. We’re not sure he ever grew out of puppyhood, or that he ever will. It’s difficult to narrow down his favourite food to just one thing, but he has been known to steal raspberries from the garden and loves sardines.


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